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Public Safety Consulting

  • Specialized Solutions Group, LLC. delivers a specialized array of services to meet the needs of all first responders and public safety agencies. Our team of professionals possess years of experience in law enforcement, education, civic and personnel management.  Each member of our team has received extensive training and certification.  We provide the highest level of professional and ethical standards, best practices, and consideration of your exclusive community environment.


  • We also can help you change your operations, processes, and organization, and provide tools that will assist you manage a crisis more effectively and efficiently. 

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  • SSGL will provide consultation and polygraph testing for virtually any type of situation, provided the request is not in direct conflict with any existing law or regulation. We also provide services to the general public as well as attorneys, corporations, therapists, and other governmental agencies. You can be confident that resolution will be attained within issue clarification and credibility assessment for whatever your requests. All our polygraph examinations utilize computerized systems and state of the art software. These examinations are conducted utilizing validated testing formats in accordance with model policies and best practices as defined by State licensing and the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) standards.


School Safety

  • Our agency specializes in emergency management planning and training, facility assessments, protocols, and compliance management. With the heightened frequency and complexity of manmade threats and natural disasters, we recognize the need to move forward and explore ways to prevent threats that risk the safety of students and staff. Exposing these susceptible areas in school safety saves lives. The vital role from these resources and training are the methods every school official needs to stay on the leading edge of school safety, risk assessment, and liability mitigation.

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Risk Assessments / Emergency Planning

  • Specialized Solutions Group, LLC., delivers emergency management consulting that provides crisis management, emergency response planning, and training to ensure companies have the resources essential to successfully handle worst-case scenarios. We provide continuing strategic counsel and risk management support to make sure your companies changing needs are met, this includes policy review and contractual reassignment support.

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Government Relations

  • We offer our clients the expertise and experience to better understand and navigate complex regulatory, political, and technical aspects of how government makes decisions while helping them achieve their objectives. Our team works tirelessly to understand the unique needs, challenges, and goals of our clients. Through our decades of experience, we’ve built solid reputations and positive relationships with key policymakers, and our insider’s knowledge affords us a powerful edge in advancing client interests. 

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Law Enforcement Training

  • The defining essentials of Specialized Solutions Group, LLC., embrace providing clients with the operational readiness and strategies to support the public safety mission, as well as solutions needed to enhance critical infrastructures and the means to get there.  We offer a plethora of training courses to enhance your overall operational readiness and efficiency.  SSGL offers a variety of subject matter expertise and talented professionals pulled from high-level positions in multi-disciplinary organizations.

       We offer the following courses and are also

       open to suggested material on an as needed



  • Interview & Interrogation

  • Statement Analysis

  • Polygraph Consultation

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